PariMatch tennis bet odds, or odds for short, determine how much you win. Because to win, the odds multiply the bet. This means that at high odds you can make relatively large profits with a small bet and vice versa. Bookmakers adjust their odds according to the predicted odds. Thus, the more likely the goal is to be achieved, the lower the score.

Therefore, the betting on tennis PariMatch provider tries to use a prediction to predict how likely a particular outcome is to occur (more on that in a moment). In short: those who rely on underdogs win more if they are successful. 

However, the risk is higher because the success rate is likely to occur less frequently. Tip: Therefore, you should always pay attention to the odds for almost every bet. As a rule, betting odds also differ somewhat from provider to provider. Therefore, it may make sense to have an account with two or three providers and bet where the odds are best for you.

How to Bet on Tennis

Check out PariMatch tennis bet tips. Experts recommend a middle ground between risk and reward. The more risky, the lower your rates. Let’s explain it again with an example: We bet on four games with an estimated bet of THB5. 

Those who bet on the favorites in all four games and also assume that they correctly guess “only” two games (system bet) receive the least risk. With a coefficient of 1.61, a win of 8.06 euros is possible.

The highest profit potential with a system bet is if the underdogs win and bet correctly in at least three out of four games. With a total bet of THB5 – THB1.25 per bet, the odds are almost 32 and the potential profit is around THB160. 

The accumulator bet will increase the odds even more, but requires you to bet correctly on all four games. It also increases the risk significantly (5% stochastic probability). Here, too, there is no golden mean, but there are several ways to increase the possible profit with a tolerable risk.

Tip: If you see a prospective underdog in good shape with a good chance of success, you could combine several of these games, but choose only “2 out of 4” and thus reduce the risk. If you then “only” guess the outsiders twice, you have won that system bet. You can start with single bets and small amounts. 

If you are used to dealing with the provider you use (bookmaker) and betting options, percentages, etc. and want to bet moderately (more on gambling addiction in a moment), system betting makes sense. Because in this way you can reduce the risk.

Wager Types

Types of bets in PariMatch tennis:

  • Single bet. There are two options for a single bet: a trend bet. Who wins the pitch, a specific set or the entire match. Example: Player A wins a match against Player B (outcome bet). Bet on the result. How exactly does a particular set or match end. Example: Player A beats Player B 6:3 and 6:2. You can bet not only on individual matches, but also on tournament success. Example: Player A wins tournament X.
  • Combined rate. With a combined bet, you can combine different matches, which greatly increases the risk, but also the chances. Example: Yotennis bet oddsu bet on several specific matches and only win if you predict all of those matches correctly. If you miss even one match, you will lose your entire combo bet. Example: For example, with a combination bet on the winner of four matches, the impact of the odds becomes especially obvious. If you bet on the favorites to win with an estimated THB5, the possible profit is 12.73. If you bet on the underdog to win, you can win around THB877 with the same stake. As tempting as it sounds, the risk of losing is correspondingly high, so be careful. Advice.

    Parimatch Bet

    With combo bets, it is better to risk only small bets, especially since the possible profit is still relatively large due to the high odds. Or are you using a different bidding strategy. To complete the picture, combo bets can also be combined with single bets. In addition, it is possible to play combined and single bets at the same time, which significantly increases the bet and slightly increases the possible profit. It can be used as a hedge – or you can play a system bet.

  • system rate. In addition to individual bets on one match and combined bets on several matches, there are also system bets in tennis. The system bet defuses the combo bet because not all events have to happen to win. Example: If you place a combination bet that certain players will win in three games, you will only win if all three win and from these players. With a system bet, you can bet “only” on a certain number of games. In the example above, you can already win on the system bet if only two of the three players win. This, of course, significantly reduces the risk, as well as the chances of betting and therefore the possible amount of winnings. System bets usually require at least three games.

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What is the best strategy?

You are subjectively more likely to win if you know the current form of the players to some extent and can guess which type of player suits the other or not. Therefore, it makes sense not to bet until the second or third round of the tournament, as then you will have a better idea of ​​how the players are doing.

How to do pre-match analysis?

Before the games, find out about the current situation, form, etc. Sports websites such as Eurosport or the websites of some providers are suitable for this.

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It is recommended to approach the possibilities slowly and familiarize yourself with the whole process with your chosen provider before placing extended combo bets or system bets.

What is the best way to bet?

Betting on tennis is a hobby, an entertainment. That’s why I don’t invest more money in it than I spend on other leisure activities. Beware, this can quickly become addictive.