Kabaddi  is one of the oldest games that originates from Ancient Asia. Despite its age, this team game does not lose its popularity. The year 1990 became a new round in its development. It was then that Kabaddi  betting tips PariMatch was included in the program of the Asian Games. The bookmaker Parimatch offers excellent opportunities for betting on Kabaddi . Therefore, if you are a fan of this sports discipline, you should definitely use the services of this bookmaker.

Let’s look at the advantages of betting in Kabaddi  betting app PariMatch on the site of this bookmaker:

  • Legality of work, availability of all necessary international licenses and permits;
  • Wide functionality of the official website and mobile application, convenient simplified interface;
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  • Ability to watch live broadcasts of all top matches.

On Kabaddi , bettors will be able to make any kind of bet, as well as for any other sports discipline. The main thing is to develop your own gaming strategy and study all the features and subtleties of the game. This will save money and get decent winnings. Types of bets on kabbadi that Parimatch users can make:

  1. Ordinary – the usual single bets on the outcome of the match, total or handicap.
  2. Express – a bet that consists of several sporting events at once. All odds in such bets will be multiplied, due to which the final figure will be much higher. There are different types of Express.
  3. System – to make this type of bet, the player must select many events, betting that a certain minimum will come from them. Such rates have the following designation: 3/6, 4/8. The amount of winnings will depend on the number of selected events.
  4. Handicap – a bet on the victory of one of the teams with the specified difference in goals.
  5. Total – a bet on the number of points received. Total is Over and Under. There is also an individual total (according to the performance of a certain player).
  6. Live betting – PariMatch betting on Kabaddi  in real time.

What is Kabaddi ?

Kabbadi is a fairly popular game, which can be bet on at many bookmakers. Let’s look at the features of this sport. This game takes its roots from ancient Asia, namely from India. For the first time at the official level, the first Kabbadi match was held in Dhaka in 1985, and soon this game was included in the program of the Asian Games.

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2 teams of 12 athletes each take part in the duel. 7 players are directly involved in the gameplay, while 5 others are in reserve. The playing field measuring 13 by 10 meters is divided in the middle by a line.

After the start of the game, one team sends its player to the half of the opponent. He must touch one of the players of the other team, and then quickly return to his own half of the field. While in the territory of the enemy, the player must constantly and non-stop shout out the word “Kabaddi “. If he stops, he can be grabbed.

If the player managed to return to his half of the field, then the opponent he touched will be excluded from the game. For each captured or knocked out player, you can get 1 point. The game will end when one of the opponents loses all of its members.

In this article, we will look at useful Kabaddi  betting tips PariMatch that will help even novice players make a winning bet:

  • Do not stop at the first defeats. Kabaddi  is a rather dynamic and unpredictable sport. In sports betting, no one can guarantee 100% success. Therefore, do not give up immediately after the first setbacks. Treat this process lightly, and then luck will definitely accompany you. But you should not take bets lightly, losing all your money on this. In order not to get into financial problems, always control your gaming budget. Continue to analyze matches and make smart bets.
  • Control your gaming budget. Very often, after the first successes, players immediately raise the stakes. But don’t get excited. No one can be 100% sure of their victory. Bet only on those amounts that you can safely lose. Then you will get only pleasure from the gameplay, without worrying about the possible consequences.
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the match. In order to receive worthy winnings, it is necessary to correctly manage statistical information. You should not bet only on your favorites, you need to sensibly and calmly assess the chances of winning. Only thanks to a sober calculation will it be possible to make a successful bet. In addition, it will not be superfluous to listen to the recommendations of experienced players and competent analysts.
  • Consider the current state of teams and top players. This is one of the key points on which your rate will depend. In order to assess the state of the team in detail, it is better to watch several of its last matches, or at least study the statistics of these matches. In addition, you should always pay attention to the composition of the teams, as well as the presence of injured or suspended players. After all, the outcome of the entire match may depend on some leading players.

Popular Kabaddi  Betting Tournament

Kabbadi is one of the oldest team games in human history. But only after the introduction of the league format, this sports discipline began its competitive development. This increased the interest of the fans, because they got the opportunity to enjoy the gameplay from the stadiums.

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Pro Kabaddi  League is a professional kabbadi league that was created on the basis of the IPL. This league is very popular with fans who make all kinds of bets on matches with the help of the Parimatch bookmaker. The first match of this league was held in 2014, since then it has been held annually.

Kabaddi  World Cup is an international professional online Kabaddi  betting PariMatch tournament in which both women’s and men’s teams can take part. The matches of this tournament attract the attention of millions of fans around the world.


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