How do I start betting on CS:GO games? A Beginner’s Guide

Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the most popular esports games. Millions of players around the world try their hand at this first person shooter (FPS). There are prestigious tournaments and competitions watched by millions of viewers. Not only that, but there are huge cash prizes for the best players and teams. Is it any wonder that Counter Strike is replacing more and more sports with its popularity? That’s right! CS:GO live betting is available from almost all bookmakers. However, before you bet, it’s worth taking a closer look at how to bet and which sites are best for betting on CS:GO matches.


How do I start betting on Counter Strike?

Have you been interested in CS for a long time, recently started playing or are you a newbie? Don’t worry. Here’s a CS:GO betting guide introduction.

Many novice bettors make the same mistakes. Interestingly, it doesn’t matter if they’re betting on CS:GO betting website games, soccer or basketball.  Players look at bookmakers’ offers and choose bets based only on the odds. And that’s a big mistake! Yes, the odds will give you an idea of how the bookies see a particular Counter Strike match, but you shouldn’t just use them! If you want your CS:GO bets to be as successful as possible, you should gather basic data on both sides of the competition before you bet. And this applies to both teams and individual players. It all depends on what you want to bet on (more on that later).

First of all, pay attention to statistics, which are extremely valuable when it comes to CS:GO betting Thailand matches. Recent results, the form of individual players, and dispositions broken down by LAN tournaments and fan events. They are all equally important!

The maps on which the match will take place are also extremely important. Just as in tennis some players like hard surfaces and others like grass, so in Counter Strike there are individual preferences when it comes to arenas. Some players prefer dust2, while others prefer inferno. So you should take a look at the match stats, paying special attention to the maps the teams will be competing on. A more detailed CS:GO betting review can be found on the website.


Now that you’ve learned about CS:GO match betting sites and what you should look at before placing a bet, it’s only natural to ask where you can get all the stats. Let us reassure you right away. You won’t have to scour the Internet until your router is hot. That’s because you always have the HLTV stats at your fingertips. It’s an extremely comprehensive database of CS matches. You can find any team stats you are interested in, as well as individual player stats. It will take you hours to explore this portal in detail. So focus on the latest matches and don’t think back a year or two. In Counter Strike, just like in real sports, players’ form fluctuates up and down. So don’t give too much importance to really archived data and stats.


Global Offensive – what can you bet on?

You already know how and where to bet on CS:GO matches. It’s time to learn CS:GO betting tips and see what exactly you can bet on.  The best bookmakers have prepared a number of pleasant surprises for CS fans. Every major match (such as ESL games) has been laid out. Several dozen types of bets are available. Of course, the less prestigious the match, the fewer betting options are available. Find out below what CS:GO match betting looks like in detail.

  • Main markets

Betting on CS:GO matches is based on the main markets. Of these, betting on the result of the match is the most popular.

  • Match Result

Here you bet on which team is better without going into details of the match. Just team A or team B.

  • Amount of cards

The main types of bets on CS:GO also include Map Sum bets. Here you simply bet on whether the match will have over or under 2.5 cards. Why 2.5 and not 3? As in the case of handicap, all this is done in order to exclude the possibility of a draw, i.e. the actual impossibility of calculating the bet on winning or losing. Because if you bet on what will be less than 3 rounds, but will be exactly 3? Therefore, with bets under/over 2.5 rounds, this problem does not exist.

  • Correct result

Correct Score is also becoming an increasingly popular bet when it comes to betting on CS:GO matches. You can play on whether the match will end with a score of 2:0, 2:1 or maybe 1:2 or 0:2.

  • At least one card will win

The CS:GO betting pages also allow you to bet on whether a team will win at least one map. We argue yes or no. The result of the match and other statistics have absolutely no meaning here. Win or not, the card matters.

  • Player stats

Betting on CS:GO is not only betting on what your team will do, but also on single players. Just like watching a CS:GO match, we admire the biggest stars. Yes, and in bookmakers, we can bet on whether they will have a good or slightly worse, or maybe even a bad day. Most often, such bets on CS:GO consist solely in the number of kills. For example, will the “start” on the first map (including overtime) be over or under 20.5 frags.


CS:GO bets mobile

Betting on classic sports on the go is no longer a specialty. Basically, all bookmakers offer their own sports betting apps, or at least a mobile-optimized betting portal.

Bookmakers offering eSports and CS:GO betting app also offer them on mobile devices. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to bet on your favorite team’s next CS:GO game.

There is no one who would not like to participate in CS:GO free betting. You can get them on free CS:GO betting sites. Free bets usually carry no risk as you are not using your hard earned money. This gives the person the freedom to take risks.

There are several free CS:GO betting sites. Most of them have been tested and surpassed on another level. The companies offer free coins to CS:GO betting sites and include the following bookmakers.


Esports betting

This is usually offered to new clients. After registering with the company, they are entitled to a free bet in the game Counter Strike. Bookies take on the challenge of making sure the bet is placed where it should be. Free bets may have conditions attached to them, although most of these are usually easy to complete. It is important to note that you must click on the links provided to claim the bonus.

How to place and win bets in CS:GO?

When it comes to CS:GO, betting on matches is no big deal. If you have ever bet before, and it doesn’t matter if it’s football, basketball or any other discipline, you will find yourself in this world without any problems. If this is your start, the implementation will only take a few minutes, read our article and you will be ready to get started.

Whether you’ve already started betting or have started betting, you need to be aware of good practices that will give you a little advice on how to bet on CS:GO matches to win.

Use your budget sound

And let’s finish with an iron rule that every novice betting adept should follow, even every advanced tipster who has already eaten all his teeth in a bookmaker’s office. Betting on CS:GO matches can be profitable, but it is also possible to lose. As with any sport, there are surprises in esports. What would the competition be like if everything went according to plan? Exactly. So use your budget wisely. Bet as much money or bitcoin betting CS:GO as you can lose, and never try to win back a losing bet at any cost. Sometimes, when he’s not going to, it’s worth taking a break, rather than throwing more coupons on the table insanely, hoping that “it should work out in the end.”