Find out which betting mobile app offers the best user experience and more options for bettors and their entertainment. You will find out which bookmaker offers the best live stream, Asian handicap, cashout and what are the maximum win limits or minimum bet limits.

How do we choose the best app

Our editors have tried all the mobile applications of bookmakers and thanks to this we can provide you with an objective conclusion and assessment. However, we all prefer different features and entertainment. Those who want to watch live matches and sports matches will look for the best mobile betting app that offers these services without commissions and deposits.

We will compare the betting offer on odds, bet types, speed and technical capabilities of the mobile app. As well as the design of the mobile application, which may not be important for users, but makes working with the application more enjoyable and faster.


For example, the Parimatch mobile app offers its users a mobile experience that is 99% identical to their website. This greatly simplifies the work with the application, speeds up orientation and increases user satisfaction. Another aspect may be whether the mobile application also offers casino games or only odds bets. Here again, you can highlight Parimatch mobile version, where you can have fun while betting.

Allow your phone to install apps and login Parimatch mobile version from unknown sources. Each phone may have slightly different settings and they are available in different parts of the menu. After installing the app, you can launch the app and start using it to its fullest. All you have to do is register and log into your player account.

Best App Design

As we have already tried, the design of the best applications may not be the most important when choosing a mobile application, but it has a big impact on the understandability of a mobile application and subsequent work with it. This. The Parimatch mobile version of the site is based on the design of the Parimatch of the site, in addition, the first time you enter Parimatch mobile version, you get a detailed guide that will guide you step by step through all the features of the app so you won’t get lost. Parimatch also offers very clear filter settings so you can customize the app to suit your preferences. Parimatch mobile review is available on our website.

The Parimatch mobile app is well designed and well organized, and it also has features that will be appreciated not only by players, but especially by fans of all sports matches. If you are a beginner, the Parimatch app offers not only easy navigation, but also features that you will definitely appreciate.

The best features of mobile applications

What are the best mobile app features? Again, we have focused not only on betting, but also on the more general use of applications. Some mobile apps offer entertainment, sports sharing in forums, sports analysis, live streaming, loyalty programs and bonuses, cash out, live betting or handicap betting which are very popular right now.

The best betting app 2022 offers all these features and is available to Parimatch mobile download for both iOS and Android. We’ll tell you what they are. We will go through the individual features of specific apps in detail and take a look at those betting apps that are the best and most pumped up this year.

Navigation and work with the mobile application

In most cases, the mobile application in bookmakers offers navigation on the first launch, which will make your work with the mobile application easier. The Parimatch mobile app has a very detailed navigation, walks you through all the features, tells you how to navigate the main page, takes you to the notification settings and shows you the usage options.

Who offers the best live betting

Who offers the best real-time bets? The mobile application at the Parimatch bookmaker allows you to bet live. Parimatch offers a really interesting offer of live betting on football, hockey, volleyball, etc. In addition, you can choose from several bets listed for each event.


The best handicap bets in mobile apps

Parimatch offers the best handicap bets on Parimatch mobile version. The best Asian Handicap betting app is the Parimatch app. The handicap offer is very wide. You can bet AH on the number of goals in a match, the result of a match, who will score a goal in a match, or the result of a match without a draw.

Why download Parimatch betting apps?

Betting apps are the easiest and most efficient way to be in 2022. Betting on a bookmaker’s website in a standard web browser is usually time-consuming and frustrating, and you won’t be satisfied. But thankfully, with the advent of betting apps specifically designed to improve your betting process, the days of wasting time creating accounts only to have them wiped from your bet are long gone.

Betting Parimatch mobile app have made it easier not only to place bets, but also to keep track of them. No matter where you are, you can check the progress of your bet with a simple click. You can watch your selection offers live and easily see how close your target bid is.

Parimatch has a complete gaming product including reviews of online sports betting, all online casinos, live casinos, games, Vegas and poker.


  • Huge collection of sports markets and bets
  • Low staking margin
  • Fantastic registration offer
  • Thousands of Free Sports Streams Every Month
  • Convenient, fast and reliable betting app
  • 24/7 customer support

How to deposit money into a game account?

 It’s about your financial resources, so you should take it seriously. When betting on sports, you should only use payment methods that are 100% secure. Fortunately, legal bookmakers use systems that are beyond doubt. It is safe to make payments through them, and most importantly – the money goes where it should go. In this case, to your gaming account or to your bank account.


Mirror site: what is it and what is it used for

The term “mirror site” or “site alias” means that the same web resource is available on two domain addresses.

The purpose of a page mirror is to prevent the irretrievable loss of the design of a site blocked by a search engine. You can’t do that. Remember that every webmaster is faced with the need to disable access to the main page from time to time through maintenance. The site owner will not lose users due to having a duplicate site. By disabling the primary site, it simply redirects traffic to the secondary resource.

Parimatch mirror mobile version is a great way to redirect users to a less crowded platform and save missing information as a result.



  • Can I download the bookmaker’s mobile app from the App Store?

Yes, if you have a mobile device with iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad), then you can download the bookmaker’s mobile application directly in the App Store as soon as possible.

  • What is the difference between individual mobile applications in bookmakers?

Especially in the features available such as live streaming, live betting, withdrawals, withdrawals and deposits or the highest possible win.

  • Which bookmaker offers the highest mobile app bonuses?

It depends if you are an existing user or a new user before registering. Parimatch offers the highest deposit bonuses for new users. However, special offers and bonuses are also prepared for active players, which you will find in the Bonuses tab of each bookmaker.

  • Which bookmaker is best for a beginner?

We can recommend Parimatch. In this mobile app you will find the complete sports offer, analytics, forum, most betting matches and other sources of betting inspiration.