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Betting on League of Legends is one of the pillars of esports betting. The popular game LOL is the second most popular esports game. About 200 million people play League of Legends, and some of them also look for their chances in betting. How and where to bet on LOL? League of Legends is available at online bookmakers. Betting can be done in pre-match and LOL online betting. How to do it? In this article you will learn everything!

Bets on League of Legends

Bookmakers have been offering esports betting for several years, and if we talk about this phenomenon, it is impossible not to mention the game League of Legends. This is one of the modifications for the game Warcraft III, which appeared on the market in 2009. Since then LOL has undergone a lot of improvements, but the basic principles of the game have not changed.


In League of Legends a lot can earn players who bet on esports, as well as participants in the game. In the world championship of League of Legends the prize fund reaches a few million dollars. Professional players make a lot of money on LOL bitcoin betting. Thanks to the fact that bookmakers offer bets on League of Legends, you can also make big profits on your bets. This requires a good knowledge of the game, as well as individual characters, players and teams.

League of Legends has functioned as a sport in the United States since 2013.

Betting on LoL – the most important information

Successful LOL betting free must come from a thorough understanding of the rules of the game. What are they? Only after studying the LOL betting guide can you move on to choosing the best bookmaker with LOL. So what is this most popular sports game? It is a multiplayer online arena – in many ways similar to DOTA 2. LOL pits two teams against each other, each of which can be five people. Each player chooses their own hero to continue the fight.

The competition takes place on the Summoner’s Rift map. The members of the game are placed on their respective lines:

  • Top Line,
  • Bottom Line,
  • Middle Line,
  • Jungle.

To take control of the course of the competition, the respective team seeks to capture the opponent’s line. Depending on the line, the appropriate characters are chosen to play. For example, the top line should be dominated by characters with strong defensive qualities, while the middle line should be dominated by those who can attack and do so with great intensity.

How to bet on League of Legends?

Just like with betting on other sports games, it’s important to know the course of the competition in League of Legends. If you’re betting on soccer, you know exactly how the match is going. The same should be true when you are betting on League of Legends. These are oppositions that usually last from 20 to 60 minutes. Teams compete to win. Depending on the league, a win may be on two cards or three cards. This should be kept in mind when predicting the exact result.

In League of Legends, in addition to conquering the Nexus, there are many secondary stories that you can bet on in betting odds. It’s not like you only need to predict who will win? Bookmakers give you a lot more options, because you can specify first blood or number of cards, or even captured dragons, etc.


League of Legends Rules

The rules have long been the same in League of Legends. Teams have their representatives on each line. Interestingly, the bottom line is specific in that it has two characters – an arrow and a bottom bracket. In fact, the whole battle is based on the elimination of creatures, for which bonuses are awarded that give additional strength. All this can turn into the ultimate triumph when it comes to capturing an enemy base. Interestingly, according to statistics, teams playing for the blues win more often. Looking globally, most teams fared worse on the red side.

There are already over 150 characters in League of Legends. The best of them can be found on the official LOL betting site. There you can also see the percentage of matches won with a specific hero. When choosing LOL, this should also be taken into account.

Types of bets on LoL

Sports betting is increasingly specialized in League of Legends and esports in a broader sense. In recent years, bookmakers have improved their offerings and what’s more, LOL live betting.

What you need to know before making your first payment

If you want to place a bet, you need to contact the bookmaker. However, in order for betting to be truly fun, it must be related to money. So the question immediately arises: how to withdraw your money to the bookmaker’s account? No later than this moment, you should notice how large the choice of payment methods for your bookmaker is. In order not to lose the overview right here, we give you some important tips to take with you.

First, you should always think about your safety when sending money online. You won’t be the first to have a bad experience with this. On the other hand, your choice of payment method should be consistent with the offer of your favorite bookmaker. For example, if your money is in an e-wallet that you cannot use to pay for your bookmaker, this could be a problem.


Who is better to trust with your money?

The market for new payment systems now seems favorable. Then, on average, more than 10 different payment methods are available to you. So that you can make the best decision for you, we would like to introduce you to all the payment methods for your bookmaker. Sometimes this is necessary because the payment methods are sometimes very different from each other. But here is a small list so you can better navigate.

  • PayPal
  • Credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • direct debit
  • mobile phone bill
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

Betting on LoL

The bookmakers offered by LOL provide events from many international leagues. The bookmakers also regularly offer LOL betting tips from North America, Asia and Europe. All this is reminiscent of betting on football, where bookmakers also offer bets on competitions from all over the world.

With bookmakers also looking to foreign markets, League of Legends can be bet on almost all year round.


How to install League of Legends?

In this case, you can use bets on a specific match or long-term predictions for the final winner of the competition. LOL betting PariMatch has a wide range of esports including Counter Strike, DOTA 2, Valorant, Rainbow Six and StarCraft 2 in addition to LOL.

You can see that LOL live betting is trying to get a lot of attention with their special offers. For example, in the World Cup offer, you can find markets, which region of the world will the winning team come from? This shows that the bookmaker is looking for new solutions to enrich its exchange rate offer. Of course, for every LoL match at this bookmaker, you will bet a coupon for the result, correct score, card value, handicap and additional events such as first blood.A detailed review LOL betting can be found on our website.