The modern form of badminton appeared in 1872. The Duke of Beaufort, an Englishman by origin, brought rackets and a shuttlecock from India. It was then called “puna” and therefore originated in India. This game involves participants – singles or teams who play against each other. 

The aim of the game is very simple. It is necessary to give the opponent a shuttlecock so that he does not succeed in repulsing it. For a point to count, the shuttle must touch the field on the opponent’s side. Thus, badminton betting PariMatch is also very popular.

Everyone at least once in their life played or watched a professional game at the Olympic Games or various international competitions. This game is incredibly fast, and sometimes you don’t even have time to fix the shuttlecock with your eyes. 

The speed required in this game makes you have a good physical preparation, the ability to concentrate and of course the speed of reaction. Therefore, this type of sports game is very exciting. Beginners can get badminton betting bonuses PariMatch.

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Badminton, like tennis, has singles and doubles forms of play. And also an interesting heterogeneous parameter with men and women. Starting from the serve, the tactics of the game are identical to the game of tennis. Since the shuttlecock is very light, badminton is played in enclosed spaces. 

The height of the playing hall is allowed not less than five meters. In this case, hitting the ceiling is usually considered a mistake – just like hitting the floor or hitting a wall. If the height of the playing hall is 9 meters, then this is the most suitable parameter for this game.

The game is very hard to follow. To win, you need to play two sets to the 21st point, but at the same time one of the teams or a player must have a two-point advantage. If there is no such advantage, then the game continues until someone scores 30 points, without a margin of two points. 

Touching the net is considered a fault. 2006 changed the rules of the game, when only the one who attacks could get a point. Now these rules say that you can win no matter who serves. Opponents can get points regardless of the situation. The referee strictly controls the entire gameplay.

Badminton Betting Odds

Sports betting options. The fact that badminton is still a minor sport is also reflected in the range of deal options. Deals on this sport are available from every provider, but even the best providers usually don’t have that many bets. The most basic variants of badminton bet odd PariMatch:

  • Bet on the outcome. Badminton is a game that can be played by 2-4 players. Make a prediction about who will win. Take into account, if an athlete has a higher rating, then the multiplier for his victory is lower.
  • Handicap bets. Considering that the class of opponents here is different, you will rarely find the same multipliers for the victory of one or another athlete in the line. So bookmakers equalize their chances with the help of a handicap. The more popular a particular player is, the more likely they are to win.
  • Inputs to total. How many points the participants received for the entire game is called the total. The current form of the participants in the competition is taken into account firstly. This is the main thing that affects this type of transaction.
  • Additional inputs. Badminton is not yet very popular for betting. Therefore, bookmakers offer only basic types of bets, which are the most popular and well-known. Of course, at large tournaments, additional inputs are also made. These are special handicap values ​​and bets on winning a particular game.

Badminton Betting Strategy

You can use some badminton betting tips PariMatch. Professional bettors recommend that before serious bets, you need to get fundamental knowledge about badminton and the basic rules of the game. It is necessary to know more information about the physical form of the participants. You need to be interested in all the details from the life of the players, even using international or even national media from different countries.

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Finding an office that offers good quotes is not just because not all bookmakers are ready to include badminton in the line. But it is enough to decide on one bookmaker and continue to bet on this portal for a long time. PariMatch badminton is a great option. In order to fully appreciate the advantage of this type of sports game, it is important to make inputs deliberately – not just find an athlete whose game you like, but bet on the basis of your own serious analysis.


When did badminton appear?

Archaeologists have found badminton-like accessories dating back to the turn of the millennium. Wooden boards were used instead of rackets, and feathers were stuck into the ball. Such things were found during excavations in India and the southern United States.

How to play badminton?

The rules are a bit like playing tennis. The area of ​​the playing platform is 13.40 m x 6.10 m, and the height of the net at the posts is about 1.55 m. The shuttlecock should not touch the ground, unlike a tennis ball.

How to bet?

Before placing real bets, go through a simple registration on the site of a licensed and reputable online casino. Beginners can test slots in demo mode. Check out the history of matches and sports careers of athletes. Are you confident in your abilities and the chosen tactics? Then take risks and win!