Volleyball is known all over the world. Its dynamism and spectacle attract millions of fans, many of whom are not just spectators, but are interested in betting on volleyball. Almost every bookmaker has this game in the list of disciplines.

Volleyball betting PariMatch: a bit of history and rules. Volleyball has its origins in the United States, where the first game in which the ball was thrown over a net appeared in 1895. From 1915 to 1925 they were finally set rules.

The first tournament was after the war in 1948, and a year later the world championship was held. The goal of the game is to throw the ball over the net into the opponent’s half of the field so that it touches the surface of the field and score a point. During the game, there are 6 players from each team on the field.

Reasons to Bet on Volleyball Online

The main reasons are excitement and profit. The types of sports bets on PariMatch volleyball available at bookmakers will be presented below. Although volleyball is popular in betting deals, the offer of bookmakers is significantly worse than, for example, betting on football. 

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However, reputable companies provide many options and volleyball betting terms PariMatch for betting on this sport. We will list some of them:

  • A deal to win the team. A draw cannot occur. The only way to predict the outcome of a game is to make a deal on the winner of the game.
  • General rate. In this case, the bookmaker can offer several options for betting on volleyball totals. In particular, a bet on the total of the first / second set and so on, as well as on the individual total of each team. The task of the bettor is to predict whether the outcome of the game will exceed the set limit or not.
  • Volleyball betting with a handicap on points or sets. When there are two clearly evenly matched teams in a game, a handicap bet can be a great way to win. For example, you can bet on the win of the favorite with a minus handicap. When betting on an underdog, the handicap must be positive.
  • A bet on the exact score of a set. Not all sites offer players to bet on the exact set score, but such a bet is very popular among betters. The reason for this is the high odds.
  • Bet on the total of the match (even/odd). In volleyball, it is advisable to bet on even, since, according to statistics, most games end with just such a result.
  • Deal on sets in the game. Such a market is not often represented on betting sites, but it is definitely an interesting betting opportunity.

As mentioned earlier, most games end in a tie. The reason for this is that the duration of the sets is determined by points and the presence of a difference between rivals of 2 points. Live bets on volleyball are available at any bookmaker! Live volleyball betting has long been an integral part of every online bookmaker. They are very popular among gamers because it is much easier to predict the development of a particular game when you follow it in real time.

Live deals on a team game are characterized by frequent changes in odds. The more obvious the advantage of a team, the lower their chances of winning and vice versa. In order not to miss the moment for a winning bet, it is important to follow the game. You can use the volleyball betting app PariMatch.

Volleyball Betting Strategy Tips

There are such volleyball betting strategies PariMatch:

  • Conduct a qualitative analysis of the upcoming game. Find out about the injuries of key players, their motivation, the results of previous games, as well as other details that may affect the course of the game (psychological pressure on the team, home or away game, etc.).
  • Decide on a strategy that you will follow. The strategy is a guarantee of reasonable rates and the absence of impulsive decisions.
  • Give preference to live betting. After the teams enter the field, their mood and physical condition can be more objectively assessed. In addition, you have the opportunity to adjust your bets based on the gameplay.
  • The best option for transactions in this sport is the strategy of betting on total sets. For men’s and women’s team games, this strategy is different. This is due to the different indicators of men and women.
  • In women’s team games, you can confidently bet on a set total over 3.5. And actually why? Because according to statistics, in 90% of games more than 3 sets are played. This strategy is not suitable for men’s games, because in most cases, 3-4 sets are enough for teams to determine the winner.
  • Many bookmakers offer their users broadcasts of volleyball matches.

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    If the provider does not have such an opportunity, then they provide detailed infographics for all key indicators of the game. Some bookmakers offer 2D visualization of the playing field, which also helps to correctly assess the situation on the site.


How to decide on the choice of a company for transactions?

Choose a bookmaker with a wide selection of events and betting options. Pay attention to the odds. The availability and quality of bonus offers is also important.

Is it profitable to bet on volleyball online?

Yes. Even players who have no idea about the rules of the game can make money with the help of trade strategies.

Are volleyball deals available at the bookmaker?

Yes. Almost all bookmakers offer bets on volleyball.

What is the best deal in volleyball?

The most popular bet is the bet on the winner of the match. In men’s volleyball, in most cases, the clear leader is the winner.