How to create an account at an online bookmaker’s office? 

The bookmaker betting market is growing every year. Thanks to the amended Gambling Act, all legal aspects have been settled and players interested in betting can bet 100% legally. However, to start your adventure with a bookmaker’s office, you must register an account with the bookmaker’s office. Due to the problems that arise, we decided to introduce this topic a bit.

Creating a new account at an online bookmaker’s office should start with formal questions, that is, how to set up such an account in the first place. In fact, three steps are enough for us to become a tipster on the page of this bookmaker’s office. Parimatch Thailand registration process itself is very simple, which is why so many players have multiple accounts at different bookmaker offices. Below we will discuss how to go through the registration process to be able to bet at betting shops.


First, find the right bookmaker office with the best offer

The very beginning is actually the most difficult. At first glance, choosing a bookmaker’s office is quite easy. Find a legally operating company and that’s it. However, if you think about it, this is the most important point in setting up an account. An online bookmaker’s office should have great bonuses and Parimatch promotions upon registration, both for beginners and regular players, a transparent website, an offer on disciplines you are interested in, high odds and plenty of matches that you can watch live. As you can see, there are a lot of these factors. So it’s worth checking out the offers of several bookmakers and, after getting acquainted with what they offer, choose the best one for you.

Fill out the form

When the choice is behind you, it remains to fill out the registration for Parimatch form. You can find it on the website of each bookmaker’s office in the top left or right corner in the “Registration” tab. Then we will be redirected to the form, which must be filled out truthfully. This usually takes about five minutes. Then just click “confirm” and you’re done. There is one last step left, which is on the bookmaker’s side. On our site you can read more registration Parimatch review.

Wait for verification

At land-based bookmakers, you may be asked to show proof of identity to verify that you are of legal age. When you decide to use an online sports betting site, the principle is identical. You will need to verify your identity. As a result, the online sports betting site may ask you to provide various documents. They will not be specifically requested at the time of registration, but will be required if you wish to file a revocation.

The last step is to confirm your account. The bookmaker’s office checks the data we have provided and, if everything is correct, sends a link to activate it by email. All you have to do is go to the site and log in. The account will be ready and the new tipster can start betting. Of course, you can use a temporary account, which does not require full verification, but we still do not miss it, because such an account must be verified before withdrawal.


What information does the bookmaker office require after creating an account?

Registering an account at a bookmaker’s office requires providing more or less detailed information about our person. In the beginning, each of the new tipsters must provide their personal details, i.e. first and last name, address, phone number, e-mail address, PESEL number and nationality. We also need login information, so everyone has to come up with their own username and password.

That’s enough to get you started. However, if you want to complete your registration immediately, you must also provide your bank account number as well as a scanned ID (in most cases, you will need photos of our ID).

Temporary and permanent account – what’s the difference with bookmakers?

So what is the difference between a temporary account and a permanent one? At first glance, nothing. In both cases we can deposit funds into the player’s account, we are entitled to bonuses and, most importantly, we can bet on coupons.

A lot of things change when the coupon is selected correctly and the player wants to withdraw Parimatch registration money.  Then without verification of the account, i.e. passing the full registration, you will not do anything.

But can one at a time. A temporary account is opened in just a few minutes. All you have to do is enter your basic personal information, which we listed just above. In this case, no scans of our ID or providing an account number are required. Bookmakers allow you to create a temporary account, most of which will be active for 90-120 days. Then, if you do not complete the Parimatch official website registration – it will be closed. Owners of accounts of this type have gambling limits and cannot withdraw funds from the deposit.

To have a permanent account, you just need to upload photos of your ID and wait for a full verification, which the bookmakers will do in a maximum of 24 hours. During this time, they check to see if the informant has provided truthful information and is no older than 18 years old. If so, the bookmaker sends a link to activate and that’s it. After that, players get full access to all the services offered by the bookmaker’s office.

Bonuses available when registering an account at a bookmaker’s office

It is also worth mentioning the bonuses that are due to new bettors in exchange for opening an account with this bookmaker. When it comes to the amounts and terms of turnover, they vary greatly, and it’s worth doing some preliminary research.


The most popular are Parimatch free spins for registration, that is, no deposit bonuses. Bookmakers give out funds for the first coupons for their players – you could say – “as an incentive”. Freebets are available for betting on sports or card games like online poker. This is the best opportunity for bettors to make their premiere bets for free. 


Risk-free bets

Another good bonus is a cashback, or risk-free bet. This is a kind of coupon that is insured by the bookmaker. That way, if we place a bet and it turns out to be wrong, the amount of money placed will return to the player’s account. The only thing that will be deducted is the tax. 

Deposit Bonus

The most popular starter bonus is the deposit bonus. Bookmakers give 100% of what players deposit on their first deposit as a bonus. Depending on the company, the amounts may vary. However, it is not unreasonable to read the terms and conditions regarding the requirements for turnover and odds, which have a significant impact on the possible withdrawal of funds received.


Definition : mirror site

 A mirror Parimatch registration site is an exact copy of another site. Most often the purpose is to distribute a lot of traffic and provide access to a company’s services and products from a server located in another geographic area.

It is used to download

 A mirror site has several uses. It can be created to better distribute the traffic generated at the original site. This is especially useful if the site allows for content sharing. This is why mirror sites are used as download platforms. In addition, a mirror site allows you to extend its availability to multiple servers and especially to multiple geographic areas in terms of web development. With a mirror site, these sites can offer downloads from other servers located in areas that are not censored.

Bypassing blockades

 During a computer or hacker attack, a site may be blocked. The mirroring technique is a solution that is often used to bypass this type of blocking.  A mirror copy of a site can be created on dedicated servers and by using what is known as a “site hover”. This is a tool that downloads all the data of a website in real time to keep it in sync.