Virual sports bet

Virtual sports betting vs regular sports betting: which is better?

The online gaming market is huge and bettors from all over the world are betting on everything. Virtual sports betting and regular sports betting are two different types of bets that can be placed online. eSports betting involves the use of virtual money by players to invest in sports events.

The best eSports betting site does not require any physical equipment or skills. Alternatively, regular sports betting involves the use of both virtual money and real money, where the player uses their own knowledge of the sport to predict outcomes based on statistical data such as odds and handicaps.


How virtual sports gambling differs from regular betting

Virtual sports betting is different in that the athletes and teams are not real. ESports betting site offer statistics on all of their players, which can make them more granular than traditional football betting where you simply decide who wins between two human opponents without any other information or how well they play as individuals. 

Virtual sports also have benefits that physical sports don’t – namely, you can watch your bets live while streaming from around the world to see what happens!

When it comes to virtual sports, the odds are always in favor of the bookmaker. Unlike traditional games of chance, such as betting on football matches or roulette at your favorite casino during the Electric Daisy Carnival weekend in Las Vegas, there is no place for human ingenuity and intuition when trying to win.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) helps to finally determine what will happen next by adding some unpredictability to the equation – just like it would be in real sports competitions if they were held without the external influence of RNG pools that help determine results based on given algorithms that follow certain rules before the game starts.

Unlike traditional betting, where you can simply see how much money someone else has and then strategically hedge your bets to win, virtual sports betting allows you to “double up” any bet.

The process for claiming a virtual sports betting bonus is the same

If you are looking for an excuse to gamble yourself, then check out the eSports betting guide – this is what you need. You can bet on almost anything without fear of physical restrictions or legal repercussions as everything is done online – no human contact required!

The odds are basically the same from one type of gambling to another, since both types contain popular games and underdogs, who are accordingly at a disadvantage. Also, if you already know how these sites work thanks to experience elsewhere (and who doesn’t?), then getting used to this alternative will be as easy as pie – literally! Read eSports betting tips on our website.

What are the types of virtual sports betting bonuses?

There are a number of bonuses available for virtual sports betting, such as the deposit bonus. Under such an offer, you receive free money when you place your first bet or deposit, usually in the form of a cashback from your own profits and/or sponsorship offers to compete with other bookmakers.

Deposit bonus

It is good to use the offered opportunities for making money. For example, if you make your first deposit on one site and it offers a 100% bonus, don’t hesitate! There are no other great deals on online sportsbooks like this, so if something tempting comes up on your digital screen, ignore it because these bonuses won’t last forever!


No deposit bonus

Bookmakers usually prefer that you make a deposit to qualify for the eSports bonus betting. After all, they want you to take a risk before handing over the money. However, if no one contributes anything, then the bookmaker does not risk anything? They can just give away money without being able to earn it with any hard work done by the players themselves!

A no deposit bonus is an option that not every online bookmaker offers, but if offered on reasonable terms, it can provide a lot of opportunities since there is no risk on your part: You do not need to fund your account or even deposit from any source other than pledge; instead, you simply complete the registration requirements (which may include, for example, providing accurate information about yourself).

Free bet

The average person cannot risk money they don’t have. What happens if you have the opportunity to bet on a team, but without a bet? You can deposit your own money for free.

If one part wins, we take all earnings minus losses incurred while betting; if both sides lose, we get nothing.

Free virtual sports betting is a great idea because you don’t need to have any money up front. This is a great way to test your gaming skills without risking your money!

Bet without risk

A risk-free bet is when a bettor does not need to lose first before paying off the bet.

This means that while people may think that they will benefit more from their initial investment than what the free bet offers them, since it no longer requires them to risk anything upfront, this can backfire as they also all their funds must be deposited, as they must pay all the fees associated with getting out of such a situation (refund of losses).

You must meet the conditions of the bonus

There is nothing truly free in the world of virtual betting. This applies to sports betting bonus offers which come with some general terms and conditions that you must meet before you can cash out from those bonuses. Here are some of them:

Rollover means how much you have to wager before withdrawing the extra money included in the offer; when making a new deposit, it is indicated as a multiple (usually 20 times) of the value of the initial deposit or the size of the initial bet.


How to bet on mobile?

You already know how to download the mobile app for Android and iOS. But what do you do after you’ve installed it? How to do betting on your phone, is it difficult? These are the questions that most often arise for novice bettors.

Let’s start at the beginning. Mobile apps have been adapted by bookmakers to make virtual sports betting extremely easy. In fact, it is not different from the one known on the site. Details, nuances or what you want to call them will be caught by you in a matter of seconds.

Every bookmaker has prepared mobile apps not to make betting more complicated, but to make it easier. Therefore, everything should be clear and similar to what players are used to at the beginning of online betting.


Virtual sports betting app is meant to improve some activities – like introducing quick bets with two clicks, or logging in with a fingerprint. Another important element of the app is its optimization – so that the bookmaker’s offer fits your screen resolution perfectly, and, above all, so that the individual tabs scroll smoothly. Probably more than once on the Internet have you encountered “crashing” or slow-loading web pages when using your tablet or phone? To prevent this, bookmakers have released eSports betting app.

How to bet on a tablet?

We will not be too original and say bluntly – betting on a tablet is no different from betting on a cell phone.

As with smartphones, bookmakers have prepared mobile applications to make betting even easier. So that everything works quickly and clearly.

Of course, as we mentioned, it is worth looking at how to download the app itself. The way to get it depends on the operating system of your smartphone or tablet – players on Android will not find the application in the Play Store, but only directly on the bookmaker’s website.